In-House Pack

Odour Removal in Domestic, Commercial & Vehicles 

If you have a requirement for an in-house facility to remove unpleasant odours as and when they occur then what we offer is a combination of the machine and chemicals that will meet those needs.


Easy to operate and requiring no training whatsoever this portable process can be utilised within minutes and takes around 30 minutes to complete the task. Of this 30 minutes only 5 minutes is needed of the operators time after which the toom or vehicle is left closed for the remaining 25 minutes unattended.


By using the odour removal 'mist' created by the machine to completely fill the contained area, the mist penetrates every exposed surface within that space destroying the cause of the odour within that 30 minute period of time.


The actual cost for applying these treatments is very minimal, around 20p for a small room or an average car and takes 5 minutes of an operators time followed by 25 minutes of unattended time to complete the task. 


After the 5 minutes of the operators time the machine can be relocated to another room or vehicle to start the process again.This means that in the space of 1 hour 12 rooms or cars could be treated.

For larger buildings this efficient use of 1 piece of equipment can be optimised by using more than machine, more suitable office blocks and other large multi-rooms such as hotels etc.



  • Odour removal requirements such us those experienced in Nursing and Care Homes is a common problem but simple to manage in-house as well as being very cost-friendly too.

  • This also can be applied to a number of commercial, trade and retail premises where the management of odours is crucial

  • Another Odour removal issue is that often occurring in many of the 40 million + motorised vehicles used privately and commercially in the UK. This can be found in the many examples displayed below:

  1. Public Vehicles such as buses, coaches, taxi's, ambulances, limousines, etc.

  2. Private vehicles where spilled liquids, accidents and other issues cause distress

  3. Used cars and vans with various odour problems have to be resolved before they can be offered for sale to the public

  4. Owners of Fleet Car Hire vehicles requiring the same treatment when some vehicles are returned before they can be made available again

  5. Company owned fleet vehicles as part of their regular maintenance 

This versatile portable pack comes complete with:

  • 1 Remote Controlled Vaporiser Machine.

  • 5 litres of Commercial Odour Removal chemical - enough to treat up to 100 cars/small vans and Rooms 

  • Full Operational Instructions

  • Free Next Day Delivery Mainland UK (does not include Scottish Highlands)

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